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Another lockdown project, and quite a challenge!

I wanted to create a stark visual statement about climate change and the threat we are posing to the planet. So, beginning with a fibreglass cast of a 50cm gym ball, I embarked on the laborious process of scaling up the continents from a small globe, using the latitude and longitude lines as reference points; then sculpting the land mass, including a few key features like major mountain ranges onto the surface in clay. This was then moulded and cast in a mix of metal resins and fibreglass, the life-size hand added (I had sculpted this already); and then the land was hand-painted, following the correct colours for ice fields, deserts etc.; and then the finished piece was mounted on a stone base for stability.

The poem, also called ‘Enough!’, gives another dimension to the work. I hope I have achieved the stark statement intended.


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