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David Paynter’s Amazing Travelogues

Originally kept as a daily diary to record places, people and events on David’s travels with his wife, Lynn, these amusing and informative travelogues, written up upon their return home, quickly became very popular with family and friends. So much so that David has been asked many times to publish a selection. Here, finally, is a collection that covers some of their adventures in the last twenty years, beginning with their first ever cruise (Southampton to the Amazon and back) in 2000, and ending with a second cruise to South America and Antarctica in 2019. If you don’t chuckle at their long-running Scrabble battles, you will at least enjoy reading about the fascinating places they have visited and the fun they have had along the way. This book was published during the Covid 19 lockdown, which has reminded us not to take for granted our precious freedom to travel and experience our wonderful world.

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