David stages an annual exhibition in conjunction with Surrey Artists Open Studios at his home, studio and six acres of lawns and wooded grounds in Haslemere.  It is called ‘Art & Soul’.  He brings together 20 or more artists and curates an exciting exhibition of sculpture and paintings – over 100 pieces of art to suit all tastes are on show and for sale each June.  The show has become very popular, with over 600 visitors from all over the South of England.

‘Art & Soul’ Exhibition

Featured Artists

‘Art & Soul’ Exhibition

Details of guest artists for ‘Art & Soul 2019’ coming soon!
Carol Orwin 


Carol is an ‘animalier’ – a specialist in sculpting animals.  She trained at St Martin’s School of Art under Sir Anthony Caro and Phillip King.  Her research is meticulous, her observation acute and her modelling skills direct and vibrant. Her mastery of the casting process enables her to retain complete control over the finished sculptures including surface finish and patination.  


As she says, “I am passionately interested in the muscular form, movement, and power of the animals that I model. I aim to catch their vitality, nature and personality without compromising the anatomical integrity of the sculpture.” 

Carol was commissioned to cast three Wolves in Foundry Bronze on the University of Surrey campus, and a Sumatran cub and adolescent Tiger for London Zoo.

Andrew Wichtowski


Andrew finished his degree at Chelsea School of Art in 1976.


As he puts it, ‘Life then got in the way of painting and I did not start again until I took voluntary redundancy in 2011. The large gap seems to have changed my painting (for the better I think). The complex carefully observed foliage studies are very different from my earlier work.’ 

Andrew’s foliage studies are painstakingly produced and capture the life of the hedgerow or meadow many of us may remember from childhood.

Andrew Wichtowski - Forget me not
Carol Orwin - Can't Cheat a Cheetah

Carol will be demonstrating her skills for visitors every weekend from midday until 4pm.

Carole Andrews - Grandiflora
Carole Andrews

Carole brings a fresh set of techniques and materials to Art & Soul.  Folding and pinching techniques taken from origami, together with stitching and gusseting skills taken from needlework and embroidery, are applied to flexible materials to construct organic sculpture that sits harmoniously in landscape and interior settings.

Carole is a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and exhibits widely around the country including the Royal Academy summer exhibitions.

Diana Roles

Diana studied 3D design specialising in ceramics at Middlesex University followed by a teaching career in Further Education.  Alongside her lecturing she has always continued to design, produce and develop her distinctive ceramics.

Diana has exhibited her work in various galleries throughout the UK primarily in ‘garden galleries’ as her work is intended for the outside environment.  Diana feels it is important that her pieces enrich their surroundings without dominating.  As a means to this end she has studied the changing harmonies and rhythms inherent in natural forms and sought to bring those observations into her work.

Diana Roles - Two's company
Jacqui Shipp

Jacqui's collage is fashioned from a fusion of recycled tickets, maps, recipes, labels, old photographs, poems, handwritten notes and doodles.  Each of her pieces is unique and has a story to tell - a narrative woven into the artwork from snippets of printed literature and images.

Jacqui is very passionate about collage and the idea that new purpose can be given to materials which are perceived to be no longer of use. She treats the printed colours like tubes of pigment, blending them together to create the final composition.

Jacqui's pieces have been purchased by collectors from all over the world including Europe, North America and Africa.  Her work is also in The Natural History Museum of London.  Jacqui travels extensively with her husband finding new inspiration in remote places.

Jacqui Shipp - The Hummingbird
Jo Jones

Jo studied sculpture under Ivor Roberts-Jones and Michael Kenney at Goldsmiths College during the late 1960s and then attended Reading University for a postgraduate teaching year.  Her work is concerned with the human form and its relationships with and comparisons to, landscape and environment.  Her sculptures are ambiguous, self-contained characters – quiet, contemplative, serene, with heads bowed or skyward looking – together yet apart.   

Her sculpture is in private collections in this country, Australia, USA and Denmark and also includes some commissioned portraits.

Jo Jones - Kneeling Figure
Jo Szabo

Joe creates 2D and 3D contemporary glass art always experimenting with new ideas and learning new skills. He loves sharp contrasts and enjoys stepping away from glass as the primary medium combining it with other media, such as metal and ceramic.

In his glasswork, Joe uses leaded glass and copper foil techniques. He usually combines glass and ceramic as the latter has a different texture from that of the glass surface and can add depth to works. He uses clay to make elements that he cannot make from glass, so that there is much more movement in his pieces.

The sea, especially where the water runs into land is an important source of inspiration for him. He also likes to make pieces that have a historic or art based theme.  Joe is fascinated by eyes:  we always look into someone else’s and, every now and again, into our own.

Based on the votes of the public visiting open studios in Surrey, Joe has been invited to take part in the Surrey Artist of the Year exhibition four times (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014). He came third in 2010 and was the runner up in 2014.

Joe Szabo - Meikes Garden 1
Julia Webster

Julia Webster has been a professional designer, maker and teacher since 1983. She currently specialises in unique glass sculpture. 

She is inspired by numerous sources that include the natural world with its wealth of brilliant colour and pattern, dramatic elements of form in the landscape, movement and the subtle play of light reflected on water.

Julia founded Glasszoo Ltd in 2006 and has produced many commissioned, bespoke glass art works for the Super-yacht Interior Industry, private clients worldwide and numerous exhibitions in the UK and abroad.

She was awarded a Master of Arts - Distinction in 2013 from University for the Creative Arts.

Julia Webster - Twilight
Ptolemy Elrington

Ptolemy Elrington has been working as a self-employed professional sculptor since 2002. He works with recycled materials incorporating a regenerative eco aware theme in his work.  

Ptolemy makes what he calls ‘Hubcap creatures’, made entirely from recycled and upcycled materials.  All the hubcaps are found, usually on the side of the road and therefore bear the scars of their previous lives in the form of scratches and abrasions.  These marks add texture and history to the creatures they decorate.

Clients include R.S.P.B., The Environment Agency, Thames Barrier, Ronseal, Kenwood, Ecover, East Coast Trains and both Essex and Brighton County Councils.  His work has been exhibited in numerous venues in London and the south-east and has travelled to exhibitions in Ireland, Greece, Spain and Russia.  Ptolemy is currently working on several private commissions as well as continuing to develop his own work. 

Ptolemy Elrington - Magpies
Rachael Nicholson

Rachael is a sculptor working mainly in metal.  She makes both abstract and figurative pieces, often based on organic and animal forms.  Her work typically evokes a strong sense of movement and her recent work is interested in the dynamic energy created between a musician and her instrument.

She has exhibited her work at the Morley Gallery, London and Cambourne House in Cambridgeshire.

Rachael Nicholson - Blown
Rachel Vitolo

Rachel Vitolo is best known for her abstract paintings and, more recently, for her use of fluid acrylics and resin.  

As Rachel puts it: “You have to be a bit of a mad scientist with fluid acrylics mixing in pouring mediums and paint extenders with a few other unusual ingredients to give the unpredictable effects ...but it’s great fun!”

As an active member of the Haslemere Art Society and the Shared Art Group in Hindhead, Rachel enjoys exhibiting at both annual exhibitions held at Haslemere Educational Museum.

Rachel Vitolo - Seascape
Richard Cresswell

Richard’s abstract and figurative work has always been large, sculptural and outdoors which is where he finds inspiration.  


As he puts it, ‘I have  a love of nature’s  curves which appear everywhere I look, in plants and trees in rivers rocks and the sky or the human body. ‘

Richard works exclusively in metal - it is a material he has worked with most of his life.  Richard likes using its inherent properties of colour, plasticity, tension and finish, rarely using any applied finishes like paint to work but using what the material is capable of such as oxidising, accepting a texture or a mirror finish. 

At present more than half of Richard’s output is kinetic, being moved usually by wind and air currents and occasionally water.  Richard believes that adding any sort of movement to a piece has to give it and the viewer a sense of calm and tranquillity and grace.

Richard Cresswell - Wallnut leaf
Ronan Walsh

Ronan was born in Tyrone, Northern Ireland, and studied Fine Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast.  He now lives in London.  His work is predominantly in the medium of pencil and acrylic. Ronan sees his work as an exploration of people. The subject matter of each piece determines the materials and the forms of the work. Whilst his work is usually stripped of external reference, Ronan aims to let the subject be the central focus.  Capturing a circumstance, reaction, or identity whilst revealing an alternative impression of that person, his work aims to provoke intrigue.  Ronan’s style is a culmination of detailed line and angular shapes, revealing the abstract fabric of the subject.

Ronan Walsh - Clocked
Simon Conolly

Simon creates original stoneware sculpture from his studio in Shropshire.  His work is inspired by personal observation of the British countryside and by life in a rural community. 

Simon has been a finalist at the ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London in 2015, 2016 and 2017.  His work was hung at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Prize Exhibition 2017 in May and also hung at the RBSA’s ‘Metropolis’ exhibition in August – September. 

His work was exhibited at the Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London in October 2017.  He has exhibited in this exhibition on three occasions. 

In 2012 his stoneware relief ‘Ludlow Races’ was hung at the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly.  His work has also been exhibited at Somerset House in London in the National Open Art Competition.

Simon Connolly - Sorting out the Economy
Simon Hempsell

Born in Yorkshire Simon studied graphics and photography at Sheffield Polytechnic, moving to the south coast in the nineties, working for many years as a designer and photographer.  Using illustrative techniques learnt during his time as a designer, he designed sculptural concepts purely for pleasure, wanting something to enhance his own garden.  It was one of his design clients form the art world that recently encouraged him to pursue his ideas and turn his concepts into reality.

Simon’s pieces are curvaceous, charmingly simple, almost two dimensional, which probably reflects his training as a graphic designer and his beliefs in the ‘less is more’ approach. Crafted from sheet steel, pieces are left to oxidise naturally, a process that highlights the intrinsic beauty of the material as the finish evolves with time.

Simon Hempsell - Sandpiper2
Sonya Vine

Sonya qualified at Cheltenham College of Art with a degree in Fine Art Painting and now lives and works in Haslemere, painting in her attic studio.  Sonya’s work shows a great sensitivity to light and shade.  Her landscapes are often populated and capture a vivid sense of time and place.

Over the years she has exhibited in London venues, including the Mall Galleries and has had numerous solo exhibitions in galleries including Waterloo Gallery, The Muse at 269 and more locally last year at Haslemere Museum and Avalanche Gallery.  In 2016, Surrey Life Magazine published her painting of the Devil's Punchbowl on their Celebrating Haslemere page.  

Sonya Vine - Moment
Stavros Kotsiréas 

Stavros was born in Greece.  He spent many years in the theatrical world, designing costumes and stage sets.  In 1984 he began six years of study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague.  There he specialised in Painting, Drawing and Graphic Art and went on to complete a Master’s degree in Set and Costume Design.  

Since becoming a sculptor/painter Stavros has presented his work in 37 solo and 76 group exhibitions and his work can be found in many private, public and corporate collections.  Since 1993 he lives and works in Farnham.  Recently Stavros has collaborated with the Greek based art foundry, V&P Tassis, to cast and produce his sculptural work in bronze.  He is now the artistic director of the art foundry.

Stavros Kotsireas - Love Poem
Sue Nicholson 

Involvement in sculpture began for Sue at the end of her career years.  It has since become an enduring passion.  She loves creating texture in clay to suggest fur, feather and muscle, aiming to give each of her creatures a lifelike quality and finally casting limited editions of them in bronze resin. 

A regular exhibitor with Surrey Sculpture Society at a variety of prestigious venues, she also exhibits with the Society of Women Artists, of which she is an elected member.  Her work is in private collections throughout the UK and abroad.

Sue Nicholson - Out and About
Wendy Richards

Painting has always been a part of Wendy’s life.  After following a career in teaching and then bringing up four children she finally decided it was time to commit to her art and her heart.  Her preferred medium is oil, her tool a palette knife.  Her style is impressionistic, and her inspiration is all around her.  

Wendy loves soft colours and gentle tones, with an occasional highlight of red.  Wendy is also a partner in a social art business, which she sees as a way to share her love of art and creativity. 

Wendy Richards - Calm
Sheila Carr

Sheila’s artistic endeavours began with making pots with a Woking group of potters, exhibiting and selling at Guildford House Gallery.  She then joined Surrey Sculpture Society and took to clay modelling of figures.  After some time, she realised how much she wanted to use colour, so decided to change to painting.  A move to Haslemere saw her join the Haslemere Art Society and the Midhurst Art Society, exhibiting and selling her work.  For the Haslemere group, Sheila is responsible for the programme of events, demonstrations and workshops, and at the 2017 exhibition one of her paintings was voted best in show by the visitors.

Sheila is a student of Roger Dellar and works mainly in water-based oils, occasionally with pastels.  Her subjects are usually landscapes, either figurative or sometimes slightly abstract, which is perhaps the direction her painting is taking lately.

Sheila Carr - Waggoners Wells
Mehran Ghahari

Mehran Ghahari is an internationally exhibited artist, working across a range of mediums and styles, with a particular focus for the last 12 years on sculpting. Born into a world of art, she has honed her talent to produce a high number of figurative and increasingly abstract pieces, which includes a permanent bust at the University of Oxford. Her work displays the unification of the rich culture of her Persian heritage and the more abstract and imaginative world of Europe in the 21st century. 

Sheila Carr - Waggoners Wells